Marvel’s ‘Gambit’ Loses Director | Film News



Gambit is having a pretty rough time of it by the looks of things. The 20th Century Fox X-Men spinoff, featuring everyone’s favourite Cajun gambler, recently came close to losing its star, Channing Tatum, and has now lost director, Rupert Wyatt. With filming expected to start this November, the project has been thrown into uncertainty. Deadline is reporting Wyatt’s exit stems from script and budgetary disagreements, however no official statement has been released by Fox.


Gambit has been building momentum steadily over the past few months, finally casting Lea Seydoux as female lead, Bella, and story treatment from the character’s co-creator, Chris Claremont. This latest setback means the project will undoubtedly be delayed until a suitable director can be found. Rupert Wyatt is the director of The Gambler and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He is yet to comment upon his departure.



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