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Luke Cage


The recent string of shows produced by Marvel and released via Netflix have been turning the heads of stalwart fans and new-comers alike. Both Daredevil and Jessica Jones have received praise for their grittiness, compelling storylines and well-defined characters; it is therefore no surprise that second seasons have been commissioned for both of them. Daredevil‘s second season is due March 18 and a second dose of Jessica Jones is currently in development.


However as many will know by now, Marvel have plans for their TV superheroes; just as they’ve built a fully connected cinematic universe so shall they do with their TV offerings. It has long been known that Marvel will create a second superhero team, The Defenders, from their grittier, bloodier, more cuss-tolerant Netflix heroes.


Now, the next piece of their Defenders puzzle has slotted into place: Luke Cage.


Luke Cage was briefly introduced in Jessica Jones (sharing a friends-with-benefits relationship) in which he was established as an unbreakable goliath whose skin cannot be cut; not even by an electrical saw. Now his own show will aim to open up the character a bit more before he teams up with DaredevilIron Fist and Jessica Jones in The Defenders (who’s going to prevent those awkward silences with Jessica? “Sorry I killed your wife and then slept with you. Awks.”)


As with Daredevil and Jessica JonesLuke Cage will premiere on Netflix and has been given a release date of September 30. Marvel’s Iron Fist is currently in development and does not have a release date as of yet.



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