Marvin Abbey Presents ‘#3ShotsOfTequila LIVE’ | Events



‘#3ShotsOfTequila’ podcast is finally here with its LIVE show, a live version of the popular podcast. A fun and light hearted podcast about anything and everything under the sun, from sex and relationships, to religion and current affairs.


Nothing is off limits, there’s just three men telling it like it is. ‘#3ShotsOfTequila LIVE’ will be hosted by Marvin Abbey, Keith Dube aka Mr Exposed, and Tazer Black.


This event will take place over the course of three nights. This is Sunday, November 6; Sunday, November 20; and Sunday, December 11, 2916, at the Blueberry Bar, London from 7pm-1am.


Tickets are out now, extremely limited and available to purchase here.



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