‘Mary Poppins Returns’ With A Spoonful Of Sugar | Film Review


Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins Returns hit theatres on 21st December, similar to the original 1964 film which released on the 23rd.


The emotional musical was reminiscent for those who grew up watching the original, yet delightfully new to young audiences.


With the majority of the film being brand new, the only remembrance seemed to be the return of Dick Van Dyke, who played Bert in the Julie Andrews version, as well as dressing up for the role of Mr. Dawes Senior, the role in which he returned to at 93 years old in the sequel.


The scene in which he sings and dances around the office is something the film needed to do in order to bring tears to the eyes of adults who watched the original as they were growing up, and the actor himself did a great job in doing so.


As for animation, there was an abundance of it. And maybe not in a good sense, for some. Author of the original books Pamela Lyndon Travers once insisted to Walt Disney that she did not want animation in the 1964 adaptation, but he dismissed her plea and added a little anyway (successfully).


The new film takes CGI and animation to new levels though, adding it nearly throughout the entire thing, making the scenes with Poppins and the children feel like a giant acid trip. Perhaps that’s just the realist in me though.


Overall, a 4.9/5, because nothing is perfect, but it’s a great watch for musical lovers.



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