‘Masters Of The Universe’ Loses Its Director | Film News


The Masters Of The Universe reboot no longer has a director. After being attached since mid-2016, McG (Terminator: Salvation) is no longer set to helm the project, with Sony now meeting with potential directors.


It’s an early blow for a film that’s hoping to be an event film on par with The Avengers. David S. Goyer (Batman Begins, Man Of Steel) has been tasked with penning the script and is a pretty safe and reliable choice considering his superhero background. Whoever is brought onboard to direct will likely give us a clue as to how sought after this project truly is.


Reportedly, several ‘A-list talent’ are vying for roles but the vagueness renders the quote pretty much worthless. Sony’s hunt for a new director will be the more important endeavour. Snag a big name like Paramount did by bringing David Fincher on board for World War Z 2 and suddenly the list of ‘A-list talent’ becomes a lot longer.


There’s plenty of time for Sony to figure this all out though, as Masters Of The Universe isn’t set for release until December 18, 2019. If it proves to be as successful as another certain big-budget franchise based on a line of toys, Sony will be emptying their pockets for as many sequels as cinemas can handle.



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