Matt Reeves To Produce Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Way Station’ For Netflix | Film News


Matt Reeves is busy directing The Batman, but he’s still found time to hitch his wagon to interesting projects. His 6th & Idaho banner will produce a feature adaptation of Clifford D. Simak‘s Hugo Award-winning sci-fi novel Way Station for Netflix.


The book revolves around Enoch Wallace, who has spent more than 100 years as the keeper of a Way Station on Earth intended for intergalactic alien travellers to pass through on journeys to other planets and stars.


But the knowledge and immortality he has learned during his time there are proving to be a nightmarish burden. Enoch’s eyes have been opened to humanity’s impending destruction, although one final hope may remain for the human race.


Reeves and his fellow producers are currently seeking a writer to craft a large scale sci-fi thriller. No small task. As Collider pointed out, that hasn’t exactly been a successful genre for Netflix. Films such as Mute, The Cloverfield Paradox and Extinction have all been met with heavy disapproval from audiences. Hopefully Way Station can change that.


6th & Idaho has a first-look deal in place with Netflix. The company is developing several projects at the streaming giant, including Andy Serkis‘ adaptation of George Orwell‘s Animal Farm. Reeves is also an executive producer on upcoming series Tales From The Loop at rival Amazon.


We’ll keep an eye on who signs on to write, and direct, Way Station. The potential is there for something great, and there aren’t many big budget sci-fi adaptations to go around anymore. Someone will jump at the chance.


Reeves’ primary focus continues to be on The Batman. We still know little about the film, other than Robert Pattinson will take on the mantel of the caped crusader. Production will begin in early 2020, so expect some news soon.



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