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Manhattan natives Matthew and Nicole Hanley-Mellon have proved that fashion can be a family affair and boundless. When people think of business and envisioning their partner working with them, they break out in a cold sweat. But this couple isn’t phased and are loving every minute of it. The project has drawn inspiration from as far afield as Africa where the couple were soul searching and came across designs which aligned with the vision for their brand, Hanley Mellon. The focus of the product was to create something which was “subtle, slow and calm”.


If this concept seems a bit abstract then maybe a couple of pictures would help. The brand can be likened to Swedish brand Cos, albeit slightly more upmarket, with a variation of designs and fabrics which can be subtle yet make a statement. Prices range between $150 (£99.38) to $1,500 (£993.76), their Spring/Summer 2015 collection is available at a pop up boutique in Palm Beach between January 16 and January 18. If you can’t justify the trip to your boss, then the clothes are going on sale from February 1 on, with the Hanley Mellon Pre-Fall 2015 collection already making early inroads on the circuit.




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