Maverick Sabre + Chronixx – Her Grace | Music Video


The multitalented English/Irish singer, songwriter and rapper, Maverick Sabre, has announced he will be releasing his new album, When I Wake Up in March 2019, just after the release of his new music video for “Her Grace” which will feature on the upcoming album.


The video shocks viewers with its raw approach to depicting domestic abuse, without showing actual violence. Instead, Maverick takes a soft approach with his video by isolating the physical damage of domestic abuse from the emotional damage. The woman at the beginning tells listeners “It’s not evil, evil’s too easy for you to leave. It’s love, and love is hard”.


By showing the woman’s belief that the abuse stems from love, we get a point of view that some often dismiss. She tells us, had she thought her husband / lover evil, she’d leave him, but because she loves him, and is certain he loves her, she stays. A common case among domestic abuse victims which often goes unnoticed in society.


For example when she visits the shop, no one reaches out to her. She feels completely alone in a sea of hatred – mimicked by the cyclical image of the sea that she stand in with her baby. When she tries to leave, she ends up full circle at the sea shore once more, unable to tackle her crippling thoughts of losing her lover.


Speaking on the video, Maverick says “With each of the videos for this album I’ve wanted to tell strong, emotive stories that carry across the feeling and message of the song. “Her Grace” is about the unspoken unheard struggles of women that go unnoticed in society and this video feels like a glimpse into an inner battle within that”.


And Shaun Grace, the director, quotes “When the opportunity arose to work on something powerful with Mav I couldn’t say no. I wanted to explore the day to day emotional and physical endurance needed to cope with domestic abuse and also the deeper, continuing cycles of conflict that affect both the abused and the abusers”.


“I made the choice to cast my baby within this film as I knew how to get the reactions I needed from her comfortably. Even though I’ve watched it dozens of times in the post process, that final shot of the baby in the bathroom leaves me wondering what their future holds”


See the video below and tour dates here.




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