May Erlewine – Whole Again | Music Video

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May Erlewine – Whole Again | Music Video


Michigan musician May Erlewine has just released the music video for her new single “Whole Again“, taken from her new album Second Sight. According to Erlewine, the single wants to challenge listeners to not only keep looking and keep listening, but to consider what is really being asked of women today, and in so doing, the song aims to be a powerful anthem for the continuing ‘Me Too’ movement.


Speaking about the “Whole Again” track, May Erlewine says, “This song is about the pain of women’s history, it’s about the fact that we have continued to repair and make whole what has been broken so many times, all while continuing to suffer abuses and silencing, without truly equal rights in our own country”.


The song and video are lush with symbols of feminism, patriotism, grief and tenderness. In the video’s core scenes, we see women of all ages and races adding stitches to a massive American flag, holding the heavy fabric and slowly, deliberately pulling the thread — a labor of love, perhaps, or duty, or necessity.


The song is representative of many themes from Second Sight, which was written in the wake of the 2016 election. On the album, which is scheduled for full release on November 1, Erlewine continues her lifelong work of activism through art. Lyrically, many tracks are a reckoning, tackling injustice and discrimination head-on, and offering fuel for fellow Americans troubled with the current direction of the nation.


This collection of songs is meant to draw us into what it means to call this place home, how do we acknowledge the wounds of history? How can we create new traditions? When will ‘everyone’ really mean every one of us?”, according to Erelwine.


“Whole Again” was first written by Erlewine as a poem while watching the widely televised testimony of Christine Blasey Ford during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Erlewine brought the poem to Tyler Duncan and together they crafted the moving piece. The music video was produced by John Hanson and May Erlewine and filmed by Joshua Skinner.


Watch the video below:




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