Maya Hawke – To Love A Boy + Stay Open | New Music

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Maya Hawke – To Love A Boy + Stay Open | New Music


Stranger Things actor Maya Hawke has surprised her fans with the release of not one, but two debut singles, titled “Stay Open” and “To Love a Boy”, and Hawke has also revealed a music video for the second one.


Coming from a Hollywood stars family, it wasn’t surprising to see Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s daughter shining in her acting debut, in the 2017 BBC adaptation of Little Women.


Maya Hawke seems to be a natural at acting and her talent soon got the attention of one of the most acclaimed shows from Netflix. This year, Hawke made her appearance in Stranger Things, starring the role of Robin, and she has become one of the show favourite characters.


However, her talent doesn’t stop there. Last Friday, she made her debut into the music industry by releasing two new songs, which will be included in her upcoming first album!


“To Love a Boy” and “Stay Open” are kind of connected, as the actor told Vogue that the first one was written when she had this desire to fall in love and feel about a man the same way she feels about the ocean and the second one was written almost two years later, when she had already lived the experience of falling in love.


“That song was much more based in reality, the practical experience of opening your heart to another person, and really allowing them and accepting them into your life,” the 21-year-old star revealed during the interview.


Hawke is the creative mind behind the lyrics of both songs, while the music was written by the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Jesse Harris. Keeping it simple and elegant with production, the subtle melodies of an acoustic guitar showcase Hawke’s dreamy voice in both tracks.


Following the success of her music debut, the actress announced she would release a music video for the single “To Love a Boy” on Monday 19.


Listen to “To Love A Boy” and “Stay Open”, and watch the video for “To Love A Boy” down below





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