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Maya Kally – Another Time | New Music


Debut singles are always special – not only do they help make a good first impression for an artist but they often embody the artist’s most personal thoughts and emotions. Maya Kally‘s debut song “Another Time” is passionate and intimate, depicting her unhappy love story.


The North London singer-songwriter gained her influences from Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday, and describes her music as the hybrid of jazz and soulful pop. The debut single is a raw stripped-down ballad, with Maya’s lachrymose voice speaking straight to your soul.


Maya admits that “Another Time” is extremely personal to her and explains that it “was written two and a half weeks after having throat surgery. I shouldn’t have been singing, heck I shouldn’t have even been out of bed, but it felt so natural to write ‘Another Time’. It was everything I was feeling at the time.


Listen to the single below:



Don’t miss the chance to hear more from Maya Kally – here are the upcoming dates of her tour:


February 2, Instrumental at Inkwell, Leeds
February 6, The Domino, Leeds
March 22, The Chemic Tavern, Leeds
June 7, Live Music at Monkey Nuts, London
July 20, Leeds Jazz Festival, Leeds



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