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After releasing his 2016 debut EP The Only Boy Awake on the new label What We Call Records, Swedish artist Meadows (real name Christoffer Wadensten) is back with a beautiful and intimate new song titled “Empty Windows“.


Over the last couple of years, Christoffer has traveled the world, collecting the impressions and experiences that have inspired his songs. The artist is currently collecting fans from the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia and the UK, while his tracks have been featured on the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why.


“Empty Windows” is a deeply atmospheric song, starting with guitar arpeggios and delicate voice. Stronger guitar chords, choruses and electronic sounds slowly make their appearance. Although instrumentals get more and more powerful, the song is overall intimate and characterised by delicate music shades. Towards the end, the track features again those sweet guitar arpeggios, which characterised its opening.


In this track, Meadows turns his insides out, while it is evident that his personal process of creating music is “similar to that of building the simplest to most complex structures into which he can step”.


Meadows will soon release a new album titled The Emergency Album, inspired by the American poet, Frank O’hara, and his ability to catch the emotional state of being within an emergency. This new project is due out in Spring 2020, on AntiFragile Music. In the meantime, listen to “Empty Windows“ below:




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