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Chicago based post punk trio Meat Wave have just released their all guns blazing EP Brother. The seventeen minute long record holds nothing back between raging power chords and singer Chris Sutter’s snarling vocals. Much like any good punk band, they waist no time and start things off with a bang. The title track is a raw, high tempo and unforgivingly ferocious opener. Brother is accompanied with a bizarre video featuring Meat Wave wearing giant doll heads dancing around a suburban area at night.


Pounding drums and relentless attitude follow the record through with songs like the “Sham King” and “Sunlight”. Stand out track “It’s Not Alright” is an assertion of Meat Wave’s aggression much as the title suggests. The EP is set to bed with two demo tracks: “The Truth”, a high speed expression of self doubt and closing song “I’ve Got Ants”, a jolty thump of guitars and vocal screeches. Meat Wave are expected to release a full length LP later this year and if they follow the same DIY, lo-fi formula as Brother, then it could be a record to get excited about. Brother is available to stream on SoundCloud below.




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