Medhane Releases New Single ‘Whispers / Walk With Me’ | Music News

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Medhane Releases New Single ‘Whispers / Walk With Me’ | Music News


Brooklyn rapper Medhane has just announced that he is working on his first solo full-length titled Own Pace. It will be out the next month and will develop the artist’s career in an important way. On occasion of his new project incoming, he has just shared the first single extracted from the album, accompained by a music video.


The just launched track is titled “WHISPERS / WALK WITH ME” and the video which follows the tune has been directed by Devlin Claro-Resetar. Before this official album, the american rapper worked on some music project. Last time he recorded was in 2018, with his first solo EP Ba Suba, Ak Jamm. It containes six tracks packed tightly into 13 minutes, during which he sings about deep topics about young and urban life shaped by an autobiographical cut.


Moreover, his previous works tracks back to 2017, when he made a music feature with another rising star: Earl Sweatshirt. Together, they produced Do For Self EP. Another relevant collaboration Medhane had at the beginning of his career has been with Slauson Malone: with him he released the album Poorboy, both of them under the name of Medslaus.


The full Own Pace album will be released officially on December 11, in the meantime watch the video for the first track “WHISPERS / WALK WITH ME” below:




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