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Meghan Trainor has just released the first single from her upcoming album Thank You and, honestly, the song couldn’t get any sassier! “My name is no, my sign is no, my number is no” she sings and, at that moment, we know feminists all over the world are very proud!


Even though “No” clearly paves the way for woman empowerment by simply saying “no” to anyone and anything that offends you, the single was not inspired by Trainor’s past romantic relationships, as one would assume. In fact, the singer came up with it after a heated discussion with producer L.A. Reid, who didn’t quite believe in her new album.


As Trainor told radio host Ryan Seacrest, when Reid said she didn’t have a single she replied “I know you say this to everybody but I got it; I think I have multiple singles, I think I’ve eight!” And when he insisted, she went to the studio and channeled all her anger into making this super-powerful track. Watch the interview below and scroll further down to listen to “No”.





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