Mélat + SPZRKT – We Don’t Have To | New Music


Austin songstress Mélat has teamed up with genre-crossing singer-songwriter SPZRKT and producer ELHAE, all of whom have converged to create a soulful anthem on the importance of fighting for a strong relationship. This new offering is a continuation (track 5) of Mélat’s Side B series. The lyrics in this track are about fighting the human urge to “start all over” when the embers of doubt creep into an otherwise loving relationship. In Mélat’s own words, “this song is dedicated to all of the strong, non-abusive relationships. The relationships that are resilient enough to fight through any storm without becoming destructive”.


As far as the delivery of this track is concerned, I was particularly taken by the creative interplay between different sets of lyrics and vocal melodies. The constant lifts and changes help to keep the track fresh and unique. These vocal melodies are also used to full effect, with the repetition of motifs. The result is a track that is rich in vocal and production qualities, both of which I found to be inspiring as a listener and musician. I believe the secret here is simple. It’s about approaching every part of a song as if it was a blank canvas. In part, this track benefits from dispensing with the common restraints of genre, and instead focuses on delivering rich moments. Finally, it represents a musical exchange between loving partners.


You heard it here first. Listen to “We Don’t Have To” on Soundcloud here.



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