Melica – Money | Music Video


Fledgling R&B/Soul artist Melica finally introduces herself into the music scene with an exclusive – her debut single “Money“, an aptly titled soon-to-be anthem on the relatable struggles when it comes to our finances.


Produced by The Soundbrothers, “Money” is a pop track with flavoursome doses of island vibes with its traditional Reggae chord progression. And her vocals are sublimely interwoven with the track, it’s a nod to her R&B influences. Being of Caribbean descent, her heritage doesn’t shy away from her artistry and it is on full show with her debut cut.


New track “Money” comes along with a fresh new video. Courtesy of Jolade Olusanya, it’s a one take clip that really brings to life the theme of the song as we witness the misfortune of some everyday people plagued with money issues. Strapped for cash on a date? Struggling to pay those all to important bills? We all go through it.



Her years spent performing at competitions and gigs in Southampton as well as in the studio have led up to this point, as Melica gears up to release her first ever offering The 758 Playlist, a four track EP which promises to be a sensational display of real R&B which we so greatly need. Keep up with Melica on Twitter and Instagram – She’s worth keeping tabs on.



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