Mello Music Group Announces New Partnership With Stalley | Music News


US rapper Stalley has just signed a new contract and partnership with the music company Mello Music Group. The rapper has been very busy the past year and seems like he is settling into 2021 with some upcoming projects in works.


Mello Music Group has seen the potential of the rapper following his busy 2020, while the rapper is also looking forward to this partnership and in a recent Billboard interview, he expressed his feelings and how the opportunity is coming at a great time.


I’m very excited about the situation and the opportunity with Mello Music Group. Partnering with Mello Music at this stage of my career is a blessing. As a label, they let you be yourself and let you be an artist; while also helping you expand independently“.


The rapper is eager to show the music industry how much he has to show on his upcoming projects, to be released with Mello Music Group.


The record label, renowned for their Hip-Hop, Funk and Jazz releases, are making a great start on their partnership with Stalley by way of a brand collaboration titled “Black Rock” featuring Joell Ortiz, Namir Blade and Solemn Brigham, for their upcoming album Bushido, which is due for release on April 2.


Listen to “Black Rock” below:




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