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MGMT has just released the third single from their upcoming fourth album Little Dark Age. It’s called “Hand It Over” and, again, it’s dark and full of psychedelic sadness, but it has those weirdly joyous sparkles here and there.


The track follows the first two album’s singles, the same-titled lead single and the last month‘s “When You Die“. Both of the tracks were released with accompanying videos, both involving magicians, lots of mystery and freakish atmosphere. The latest single has only the lyric video for now, but the music speaks for itself, you can take a listen below.


Little Dark Age is going to be the fourth album from the duo. The last one, the self-titled record was released more than 4 years ago and since then, MGMT’s music seems to get only darker. The newest album is expected to come out in February, when the band starts touring around Europe.




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