MGMT – When You Die | Music Video


The psychedelic synth-pop duo MGMT is finally returning with new releases after four years. In October they unveiled the first track from the upcoming same-titled album Little Dark Age. Now they’re sharing another single “When You Die” with a frightening and surreal video.


The actor Alex Karpovsky, best known for his role in the TV series Girls, stars as a pitiful amateur magician, who’s life ends after an accident in one of his shows. The whole clip is both abominable and intriguing. The incredible special effects create a freakish and hypnotic atmosphere.


MGMT’s music has been quite dark for a while, even though it still sounds lively and catchy. Even the titles alone say a lot about the vibe. Little Dark Age, which follows the third band’s self titled record from 2013, is set to arrive in February. While we’re waiting, let’s watch this illusory clip for “When You Die”:




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