Writer/director Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan are practically inseparable at this point. Having found critical acclaim for their first collaboration on Fruitvale Station, which followed with both critical and box office success with Creed, and their third collaboration, the adaptation of Black Panther, currently in post-production, the two of them thought, why not re-team for a fourth time if it’s always this good?


Their fourth collaboration together will be Wrong Answer, “a dramatic retelling of the 2013 education scandal in which Atlanta-area school educators organised cheating on organised tests”.


The film will focus on Damany Lewis, a middle school mathematics teacher who found himself a part of a scandal that went on to become U.S. history’s largest academic teaching scandal ever.


The film will not only re-team Jordan and Coogler, but they’ve also recruited Black Panther comic book writer and The Atlantic correspondent Ta-Nehisi Coates to pen the script. He will adapt Rachel Aviv‘s 2014 article about the incident.


This sounds like another great collection of talent that should allow an already intriguing story to be adapted into a potentially great film. Both Lewis and Aviv are consultants on the project which should give it plenty of legitimacy.


If Black Panther lives up to the high expectations and Jordan and Coogler follow it up with another hit here, perhaps we can crown them the new Scorsese/DeNiro of the contemporary film world.



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