Michael Bay To Direct ‘6 Underground’ & ‘Robopocalypse’ As Next Projects | Film News


Now that Michael Bay has stepped away from the Transformers franchise, it’s been interesting to track what the explosion-loving director is planning to take on next. For a while there were plenty of rumours that he was in line to take the helm of DC anti-hero movie Lobo, but Variety now reports that Bay has solidified not just one, but his next two projects.


First will be – surprise, surprise – an action movie titled 6 Underground, which comes from a screenplay by Deadpool and Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. There aren’t many details hovering around this one yet, but it’s reportedly an original idea and production is set to begin this summer. Being produced by Skydance, a summer 2019 release date has already been set.


There are more details on Bay’s second project however; Robopocalypse. It will be based on the book by Daniel Wilson which tells a story of a future where artificial intelligence comes online and threatens a robot uprising. Steven Spielberg was attached to direct an adaptation in 2012, and even went as far as casting big names like Chris Hemsworth and Anne Hathaway for the project.


However, in January 2013, Spielberg abruptly pulled the plug on the project, explaining that he’d found “a better way to tell the story” and put the film on indefinite hiatus. Obviously, Spielberg never came back around to it and went on to direct plenty of other projects, though he does remain attached as a producer. Bay is now in talks to direct.


Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that post-Transformers Bay is still interested in directing a mammoth film about robots, but hey, the man knows what he likes. Despite some small detours in genre with Pain & Gain in 2013 and 13 Hours in 2016, it seems Bay’s next projects will be keeping him firmly in the realm of big budget action films.



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