Michael Keaton In Talks For McDonald’s Drama ‘The Founder’ | Film News


Bagging himself an Oscar Award nomination, Michael Keaton is doing this semi-comeback to film with real gusto as he’s now in talks for dark new drama The Founder. Based on the creation behind the McDonald’s empire, Keaton would play Ray Kroc, a salesman that basically stole McDonald’s from its founding fathers, Mac and Dick Donald, then turning into the huge corporation we know now.


With John Lee Hancock taking the helm with this one, the tone is going to need to be much darker than his other work, including The Blind Side, Saving Mr. Banks and Snow White and The Huntsman, especially if the script is, as The Hollywood Reporter describes it, The Social Network meets There Will Be Blood. This project sounds really promising and with his performance in Birdman proving he’s still got the acting chops, Keaton is more than capable!



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