Michael Keaton Open To Returning As ‘Batman’ | Film News


A Batman of movies past rocked up to this years New York Comic Con to promote new movie Birdman but it was his mentioning of Batman that got fans right in the feels. Michael Keaton sat down to talk about his up and coming movie about a washed up, ex-superhero actor and ended up re-living some memories of his days in the Batsuit. He spoke to Screen Rant about his previous role and mentioned; “having played Batman and being very proud of playing Batman. I never back off that. The idea was bold, interesting, and cool when Tim made it“.


Tim, being the one and only Tim Burton, directed Keaton in his Batman days and added a darker, comedic twist to the superhero. When asked if he would ever go back to the role, Keaton mentioned; “If it was Tim Burton directing? In a heartbeat”. Interesting stuff, we can only hope Burton feels the same but with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy still fresh in everyone’s minds, and Ben Afflek donning the suit next, it’s unlikely Keaton and Burton will ever reunite on a Batman project. You can see Keaton early next year in the new Birdman movie though!



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