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The singer Michael Rise is only 22 years old but already has a lot to tell about his musical experience, since he was born under the right star. In fact, his musical journey began in the streets, where he used to perform. Then he reached some level of stardom due to a video of him singing, which went viral across social media.


Furthermore, it was when he was invited to audition for a new BBC singing show ‘All Together Now’ that his musical journey began to acquire a concrete form. After experiencing the first jump from this launch pad, he became unstoppable. He has been on the most famous stages like the Eurovision Song Contest and worked with many successful producers and songwriters.


Released on Friday, November 15, “Somebody” is his first single to be released, out of the six songs he produced with the Swedish music production company WoodHouse Productions. “Cause all I ever want is you to listen“, his deep voice sings of a strong need to be loved that is disarming to the listener. Michael’s voice is able to go straight to the heart of his audience, touching on uncommon authenticity and sincerity.


“Somebody” is a pop ballad which is difficult to forget with the power of the pop sounds and the meanings that tell the story of his childhood and the unsatisfied desire of being loved by someone who wasn’t always there for him. He is only at the beginning of his, yet successful, career and something more will be released soon from his songwriting. He is aiming for an EP in early 2020, and his first album after summer 2020.


Listen to the single below:




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