Michael Showalter Will Direct ‘The Last Ride Of Cowboy Bob’ For Fox Searchlight | Film News


After working on The Big Sick (the most successful independent movie of the summer), Michael Showalter has found a new project. He has signed a deal with Fox Searchlight to direct a contemporary Western/Thriller called The Last Ride Of Cowboy Bob.


The story is about a real-life ’90s Texas bank robber named Peggy Jo Tallas, who got away with her heists by dressing up as a man, aka “Cowboy Bob.” Her disguises were cleverly crafted, with the help of a towel stuffed under her shirt, a leather jacket and a fake beard. There isn’t any news about who the lead actress will be, but it will be a strong and showy part.


The indie film will be financed by Fox Searchlight. It will be produced by Riva Marker and Jake Gyllenhaal through their company Nine Stories.


Cowboy Bob is based on Texas Monthly article from 2005 written by Skip Hollandsworth. Peggy Jo was described as “one of the most unusual bank robbers of his generation, a modern-day Bonnie without a Clyde”. The film will have both comedic and dramatic touches (a la the Coen brothers).


In the last few years, Showalter has proven to be one of the most exciting writer-directors of the independent film world. His directing credits include 2015’s Hello, My Name is Doris and The Big Sick, which has grossed more than $40 million at the domestic box office. He co-wrote Wet Hot American Summer, the 2001 cult comedy, where he played Coop.



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