Mick Fleetwood Talks Fleetwood Mac Reunion With The Guardian | Interviews


The Guardian caught up with Fleetwood Mac co-founder and drummer Mick Fleetwood recently for the latest episode of their 30 Minutes With… series. We learn about Mick’s lucky wooden balls, his relationship with other band member in terms of love, hate and money, and getting the band together again. He also tells of the time he urinating on the White House lawn, saying “I was surprised, too. I was saying to my manager, ‘What the fuck am I going to do?’ I was dressed like Mr Rumours, in knickerbockers, with my wooden balls hanging out. The security guys must have heard because suddenly this fella with an earpiece said something like ‘permission granted to urinate on the lawn’. One of our musicians took a picture of me doing it”. Enjoy the rest of the interview here. The band are set to tour the UK next year, and the Play On: Now, Then and Fleetwood Mac autobiography from Mick Fleetwood is out now.



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