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Yesterday, Ellisa Mielke, musically known as Mieke, premiered her new song Sleeping Alone via Drunkenwerewolf. The song is taken from her upcoming EP which is due for release on August 28th. Ellisa Mielke hails from Toronto and when she is not making music, she spends her time working as a model and an actor. The glimpse of her new EP which she has given us, promises that it will be every bit as beautiful as she is.


“Sleeping Alone” features Ellisa’s crystal-clear voice and evocative, poetic lyrics floating on top of delicate piano melodies. The song’s producer, Don Kerr, also contributes to the record with an understated application of minimalist percussion. The production perfectly compliments Mieke’s voice, giving it the room to express itself and reverberate whilst still holding its own instrumentally.


Mieke mentions on her Facebook page that among other things, she is influenced by the feeling of “being in a big empty church by yourself “. Listening to “Sleeping Alone”, one can hear a direct translation of that influence in the atmospheric quality of her sound, situating the music within a distinct, unique environment. Listen to Mieke’s song below.




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