Mike Colter In Behind The Scenes Photos Of ‘Luke Cage’ | TV News

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Mike Colter In Behind The Scenes Photos Of ‘Luke Cage’ | TV News



With the advent of Disney’s new Netflix superhero show Jessica Jones comes another comic-book streaming adaptation Luke Cage, bringing actor Mike Colter in the leading role. A number of behind the scenes photos have surfaced on Twitter showing Colter occasionally with some film crew elements wearing a business suit in photos that could be mistaken for a more conventional dramatic TV location. Here the photo/tweets from Getty Images photographer Steve Sands:



Details of the shoot are not clear but maybe it’s better that way. This will be the third Netflix Marvel/Disney comic-book adaptation after Daredevil and the newly released Jessica Jones. Disney seems to be confident in its shows and is doing a good job so far, Daredevil was a good show I wouldn’t say great as it seemed like the comic-book elements got in the way of the more serious drama. Luke Cage will release its entire 13 episode run this Friday on Netflix.




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