Mike Flanagan Set For Genre Series ‘Midnight Mass’ At Netflix | TV News

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Mike Flanagan Set For Genre Series ‘Midnight Mass’ At Netflix | TV News


Mike Flanagan already has a strong working relationship with Netflix. He directed the Stephen King adaptation Gerald’s Game for the streaming platform, before hitting it big with his horror series The Haunting Of Hill House. It’s no surprise that both parties are looking to work together again. And once more, Flanagan will be working within his favourite genre.


Flanagan will helm a seven-episode series titled Midnight Mass. It will revolve around an isolated community that begins to experience miraculous events and frightening omens when a mysterious young priest arrives in town. Flanagan is creating the series alongside his producing partner Trevor Macy. The duo signed a multi-year deal with Netflix after the success of The Haunting Of Hill House.


Little else is known about the show, but horror fans should be excited. Flanagan has quickly established himself as a mainstay of the genre. Having directed some good lower-budget work such as Absentia and Oculus, he’s now directing the Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep. He and Macy are also prepping are second season of Hill House, this time titled The Haunting Of Bly Manor.


On top of that, he also has a script titled Snapshot 1988 that’s floating around. He’s reportedly looking for A-list talent to hop on board. Considering the success of Flanagan’s prior work, there’s every chance that Midnight Mass is another hit with horror fans. We’ll wait to learn a little more about it. Until then, Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep hits cinemas Wednesday, October 30.



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