Milan Is Getting Ready For The Photo Vogue Festival | Fashion News


The Photo Vogue Festival is the event which everyone is talking about lately in Milan. Vogue organises a photo festival each year to celebrate the importance of the photography in the fashion world.


The festival will take place from November 15-18 at Palazzo Reale. The main events will be in the Principe room, a stunning chamber from the 5th century. The theme of this year’s event will be ‘Embracing Diversity’; photos now are the means to transmit a message of unity which is not that evident these days on social or other technology.


The main guest will be Solve Sundsbo, a Norwegian photographer who is becoming one of the most famous artists in the fashion world. Palazzo Reale will be teeming with his works and most of them would probably be photos made for Vogue magazine.


There will be a photography contest too and the jury will be composed of famous editors and photographer from important magazines like Giorgio Armani, Giovanni Bianco (creative director Vogue Italia), David Campbell (director of communications World Press Photo Foundation), James Estrin (senior staff photographer The New York Times) and more.










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