Miley Cyrus – Younger Now | Music Video


With almost every album, Miley Cyrus puts out a new image. From the long-haired, fresh-outta-Disney brunette, the scandalous show-stopper, the kooky Dead Petz era, to the Miley that we have today, each version is distinctly different.


The bottom line is: “no-one stays the same”, which is one of the lyrics and key messages in Cyrus’ new music video for “Younger Now”. A far cry from looking extremely young in the video for “BB Talk”, “Younger Now” features Cyrus dancing with a puppet that looks eerily similar to the Cyrus of old, elderly people with a lust for life, and the general message that it’s okay to change.


The video maintains an old-school theme with references to Elvis Presley and ’50s fashion, featuring lots of striking colours to match the video’s positivity.


Only recently, Cyrus announced the title (and release date) of the upcoming album, making “Younger Now” the title track!


We’ve already been gifted “Malibu”, another cheerful song with a refreshing music video, so I wonder what else we can expect before the September 29 release of Younger Now.


Watch the visuals for “Younger Now” below, and pre-order Younger Now here.



Additionally, check out how adorable young Cyrus looks on the single’s cover.



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