‘Minions’ Goes Head To Head With ‘Jurassic World’ In International Box Office | Film News


Minions looks set to go head to head with Jurassic World for box office income in international markets. The Minions film has already been released offshore and has already collected $12 million in 615 runs, the film also opened at #1 in Malaysia, with the biggest selling opening day numbers for an animated film in the country.


Despite this, Jurassic World pipped the Minions film to the post in Australia, with the latter coming second, the same also happened over in Singapore. Jurassic World is estimated to bring in over $100 million in the United States this weekend, while Minions opens in the US on July 10. The big question though is, how will the Minions film do against Jurassic World, when it hits cinemas in the UK, Brazil, Poland, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Ireland and Slovakia next weekend.



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