Mira Lu Kovacs Does Not Want You To Stay ‘Stuck’ With Your Feelings | Music News


If you were looking for a song that helps you release and relief your feelings then look no further, we have what you need.


“Stuck” is a centerpiece from the forthcoming album of Mira Lu Kovacs. It is a safe place where crying is OK and even truly helpful as a way to get rid of pain, release stress, to literally wash something away.


Do you know the feeling when you want to cry, but there are just no tears coming out of your eyes? Have you ever experienced having the exact right word on the tip of your tongue, but your lips just don’t manage to say them out straight? “Come on, come on down !” she says. This song will encourage you to face these situations and your feelings.


“Stuck” is a mindblowing example of Mira Lu Kovacs’ extraordinary craft of songwriting that puts her in line with names like Aldous Harding, Ani DiFranco or Adrienne Lenker. She is one of the most accomplished and most awarded musicians of the vibrant Austrian Indie Scene.


In 2013, she released the first of three extraordinary trio-format albums under the name Schmieds Puls, Play Dead. This was followed by I Care A Little Less About Everything Now (2015), which made her win the Austrian Amadeus Music Award. And finally the beguiling Manic Acid Love (2018).


The range of Mira’s work is constantly being expanded. She collaborates passionately with colleagues. For example in the exciting experimental pop formation 5K HD, that just recently won the European Music Talent Prize MMETA at renowned Eurosonic Festival and earned a nomination for European Independent Album Of The Year (High Performer).


Beyond all that, she has played in unusual theater productions (Ganymed in Love), opened the Wiener Festwochen (2018), curated the Wiener Popfest (2019), reinforced the supergroup My Ugly Clementine on guitar and created a unique sound design for world famous Belvedere Museum (2019).


Listen to “Stuck” below:




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