‘Mirrors Edge’ TV Adaptation Under Development | TV News



It seems like one of EA’s biggest upcoming titles is about to hit the small screen, as reports suggest that the company is looking to producing a TV series based on the free-running action game.


While Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is closely approaching its release date onconsoles and PC, TV’s Endemol president Sharon Hall shared a few words with Deadline about their plans for an adaptation. “We clearly see Mirror’s Edge as a franchise for the global TV audience, it has a strong female protagonist, a wildly rabid fan base and a worldwide brand that Electronic Arts and EA DICE have done an amazing job establishing.”


This move comes following the upcoming film release of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed, which features X-Men star Michael Fassbender at the helm. It would certainly be interesting to see the series adapted onto television, as its themes of dystopia within a utopia perfectly reflects the current state of the modern world. The question then will fall upon its execution, as past experiences with videogame adaptations *cough* Uwe Boll *cough* have proven to be both disappointing and derivative of its source material.



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