Mishael Lazarus – Rendezvous | Music Video

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Mishael Lazarus – Rendezvous | Music Video


Singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and creative soul. Mishael Lazarus boasts so much in his repertoire. He’s stunned and captivated many with previous singles “Fugitive“, “Follow” & “Can’t Let Go“. Now we are treated with another. First release for this year, Mishael Lazarus unveils the video for his brand new single “Rendezvous“.


The production leans on pop/rock tendencies but the individuality and distinctiveness of Lazarus’ vocal transcends genre. Bobak Nasiri & Jojo F serve as the masterminds, with Lazarus, behind creating quite a unique musical offering. The video is most definitely the central piece of “Rendezvous”. Mostly performative, it features Lazarus alone against the backdrop of darkness and alone once again in a forest.


In Mishael’s words: “Rendezvous, is a track about the struggles of relationships, we all have relationships and some relationships need constant work. In this song, I speak about my relationship with God, which stays constant despite the struggles I finds in it. We can all relate to this song as we think about those who love us unconditionally despite of our shortcomings.”



With a debut EP in the works, the anticipation is on and we certainly can’t wait. As for now, Follow his journey on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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