Mitski – Nobody | Music Video


Sadness can come with a grain of irony and self-deprecation as indie-rock singer Mitski knows very well.


The Japanes-American singer has just dropped the visuals for her new single “Nobody“, off her fifth album Be A Cowboy and it promises as much mind trips as her previous work. The video is as unsettling as the lyrics are. Thrown into an Alice In Wonderland kind of situation, Mitski sings about universal themes such as loneliness and feeling unwanted.


Confirming herself as one of the most solid and original voices out there when it comes to lyric content and unpredictable sound, Mitski’s new video is a reminder of the singer’s unique style.


In what seems like a game of opposites, Mitski alternates her pitiful “nobody, nobody, nobody wants me” in the chorus with a fast-pace rhythm that contradicts her statement. Between puppet hands coming out of the wall and her sitting at a table drinking with a copy of herself, the singer’s eccentricity is fully embrace here.


A mix between Courtney Barnett‘s attention for songwriting and St. Vincent‘s early work before she turned pop, Mitski enters the ranks of all those weird songwriters who make you wonder if the song would have worked the same if it wasn’t for them. Carried by Mitski’s delicate vocals and her taste for juxtapositions, “Nobody” is actually a tune that stays in your head all day as you hope that somebody in the world wants you too.


Watch the video here:




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