MNEK – At Night (I Think About You) | Music Video



After having collaborated with some of the brightest stars in the pop system, MNEK (if you’re wondering, it’s pronounced em-en-ee-kay) is back at his solo work: the young British talent just released his first single from his debut album, “At Night (I Think About You)”.


The track, written and produced from Emenike himself, is pretty similar to his previous efforts (“Wrote a Song About You” in particular), and features a sparse synth-led introduction, followed by a pulsating drum machine throughout the rest of the song. The single serves as a perfection introduction to MNEK’s vocal skills and ability behind the deck.


On the other hand, the video – published today – is filled with early 00s cliches, from sequenced bedroom scenes with dancers vogueing to MNEK pouring his heart out while singing.  Watch the clip below.




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