Mod Sun And Avril Lavigne Perform ‘Flames’ On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ | Music News


On Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, pop legend Avril Lavigne teamed up with American punk artist Mod Sun for a sick performance of his song “Flames” from the EP Internet Killed The Rockstar, they perform in front of a basketball hoop while skaters are around them, which gives some kind of nostalgia from the early 2000’s when Avril Lavigne first burst onto the scene.


Their voices blended really well together as Mod Sun is more aggressive while Avril Lavigne is softer with higher vocals and her iconic guitar. When they sing together, it gives a soft rock vibe that I personally enjoy, and we can see that slowly, Avril is coming back to the music scene after so long and patience from her fans.


In an interview to Billboard, Mod Sun tell us that “The song changed my life, but further than that it opened this whole space of us working together on music for her, we’ve made a ton of songs together now. It’s literally the dream scenario to work with her as a songwriter because I actually get to hear my ideas come out in full form, in the best possible way”.


They make a very cool duo on the frame of the performance, its fun to watch and exciting to listen carefully to the lyrics, so we understand why it touches the artist in such a deep way.


Watch the full performance of “Flames” below:




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