Modenine And Teck-Zilla Collaborate On ‘Esoteric Mellow’ Album | Music News

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Modenine And Teck-Zilla Collaborate On ‘Esoteric Mellow’ Album | Music News


Esoteric Mellow is the newest effort from UK based Nigerian hip-hop veteran Modenine, in collaboration with producer/DJ Teck-Zilla.


The 14-track body of work is a compilation of unreleased songs, remixes and new tracks by Modenine with production by Teck-Zilla. The duo met up in London last year to commence working on the project but was somewhat delayed due to other music-related engagements and it eventually spilled over till they wrapped it up in April 2019.


The project starts with the title track, which opens up with a solemn backdrop allowing Modenine to voice his thoughts on how the game is and let the listeners know of his current disposition.


The energy keeps changing as tracks like the lush soulful vibes of “Soundbwoy killah” and reflective “Mystery Girl remix” show different sides of the lyricist. Never the one to shy away from delivering Hard hitting joints, Modenine gets into his bag with haymakers like “Kaiser Flow”, the eponymous “Polymath” and “Thirty-two Bars”.


Modenine also takes the listener down an aural journey with story-laden cuts like “Club Story” where he details his experience with a lady he met during a night out, but goes into dark territory with the horrorcore “Black Vampire”. The duo then take things up a notch, as they revisit their ultimate collabo “Super Human (Remix)” which features hip-hop legend Canibus. The only other feature on the project is NY based rapper/activist Awkword.




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