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Moha – A-Side | New Music


Senegalese-American artist, Moha has unveiled his new single titled “A-Side”. This track has been culminated across three continents, and will be on his forthcoming debut full-length album FIT. The single is the first single being revealed from the album, but not the piece of the story he wants to tell.


The singer see himself more as a storyteller than a singer, and has developed an amazing capability to tell stories of the people and places he has lived. Therefore “A-Side” defines the first part of an unfolding narrative. The song is about the moment you’re learning about someone and wish they would tell you everything on their mind, because of the mixed signals you are receiving.


The artist has an unique voice as an multi-instrumentalist who captures the opportunity to mix the sounds he has gain from the different continents he has been to. The song has a mixture of pop and R&B combined with his rapsy vocals that gives the song another sound. The drums, guitar and horns also add a Caribbean, jazzy and reggae vibe which makes the whole track so unique in it is own way. The composition of all the instruments and his voice is what makes the song good and catchy!


He will be playing “A-Side” along with the rest of the forthcoming album, for the first time at Rough Trade in Williamsburg on October 23. You can secure your ticket here


Stream Moha´s newest single on Spotify below.




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