MOLI Drops Energetic New Single ‘On The Weekend’ | Music News


Berlin-based artist MOLI has recently dropped her energetic and vital new track “On The Weekend”. This will be the first single of her debut Mini Album, which is due for release in February 2020.


MOLI has an international background, being born in Belgium to an English mother and a South African father, and having recorded with huge Stockholm and London pop factories. Her pop style is inspired by 80s music with a touch of disco elements. Main inspirations have been Daft Punk, Prince, The 1975, Lorde and Christine.


Writing music and collaborating with other artists have always been deeply important for her. She said “Writing is very therapeutic to me. It allows me to express my emotions in a certain way. I feel very lucky to have this tool to express myself and share my feelings with the rest of the world”.


She then added: “Collaboration is such an important part of my journey. You learn from every experience you have. Good or bad. In the last years, i have had the opportunity to meet and work with so many amazingly creative people. It really helped me grow and not only become the artist but also the person that I am today”.


“On The Weekend” features a catchy melody and beat, electronic sounds and, above all, MOLI’s original voiceprint. She co-wrote the song with her producer Chris Zane. As the artist said, she completely devoted herself to the creation of the single, which has been written in London, but inspired by her move to Berlin. MOLI depicts the German capital as a quivering city, above all in the weekends when people run away from their responsibilities and escape from reality, before Monday hit them with the truth.


After the release of her first album, MOLI will be touring Germany, France and Belgium in March and April of next year. In the meantime, listen to “On The Weekend” below:




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