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MOMOLAND – BAAM | Music Video

Conversations About Her

MOMOLAND – BAAM | Music Video


Famous K-Pop girl band, Momoland have released a new music video for their latest single “BAAM”. The band made their comeback in January with smash hit “BBoom BBoom”, which was a major success and earnt many awards.


“BAAM” is an electro pop song with a powerful and catchy trumpet in the background. It was composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Beomi Nangi, the same producers behind “BBoom BBoom”.


The video features the band having fun dancing in different historical time periods like the Victorian era and representing many countries and cultures like Egyptian, Korean, Chinese, Mexican and more. It’s also heavy on the choreography side, performing an energetic choreography and sporting shoes with LEDs.


Watch the music video below:




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