Monumental Men – Navigate | New Music

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Monumental Men – Navigate | New Music


The newly formed electronic super trio Monumental Men have released a new ambient pop-electronic single titled “Navigate” that can best be described as electronic music with the intensity of movies.


The musicians behind this work are producers Biru and Melvyn Buss, and vocalist and Patrick Bishop lead singer, Roman Bühlmann. It is a track that has a captivating, force tenderness analog and digital meet.


The music of Monumental Men can be categorized as mystical-melancholic sound. The trio are trying to capture the exciting dynamics of clubmusic and transform it into contemporary pop. It is different compared to other music but it still has an atmosphere that makes you feel very relaxed.


At the same time, it is interesting to listen how the group experimental with different sounds, and merging it into pop music, and generates images for the big screen of a movie theatre.


You can listen to Monumentals new track “Navigate” below.




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