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More Ease’s lastest single “Ease Your Mind” is distinguished by its relaxed vibe and catchy hook with the mellow bars ideally suiting his easy going attitude.


If you know that feeling of such a love that makes you think about that same person all the time, you will definitely find yourself in this track as More Ease sings in his pre-chorus “You got me in my feels, today I might just lose my mind. Don’t know what else to do, I’m thinking about you all the time”.


More Ease is a 20-year old Dutch singer who made and recorded his 6-track debut EP Ease Your Mind in his own bedroom studio creating a mix of mellow, funky summer vibes and emotional sensual RnB jams.


Inspired by Mac Miller, More Ease’s music can be described as a mellow blend of R&B, indie and rap with pop influences and it knows how to take you on a personal rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts thanks to the ups and downs, highs and lows.


The singer said about his EP, “Over the last year, I’ve probably made music every single day in my bedroom studio together with my roommate/producer Kodarojo. After experimenting with a lot of different sounds and styles, I think I’ve finally found my sound. I selected my favorite 6 tracks bundled them as my debut EP Ease your mind.


I tried to make the EP as personal as possible, highlighting the highs as well as the lows in my daily life. The Ease Your Mind EP reflects my way of living, and gives the listener an exclusive insight into my uncensored thoughts and honest emotions”.


The EP’s title track “Ease Your Mind” came with a beautiful music video as sweet as the song on January 22 on the singer’s youtube channel.


Watch the music video below:




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