Morgan Freeman To Embody Colin Powell In Biopic | Film News

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Morgan Freeman To Embody Colin Powell In Biopic | Film News


Esteemed actor, and gifted with perhaps the most recognisable voice in Hollywood, Morgan Freeman continues to grace our screens. His latest commitment is a biopic chronicling former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, in the shockingly named Powell. Reginald Hudlin will the direct the drama, from Ed Whitworth‘s 2011 Black List featured script.


Serving his tenure under the Bush administration, Powell was the first African American Secretary of State. He notably was opposed to the US’ invasion of Iraq, doubting Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction, but succumbed to hawkish voices in the White House and proceeded to make the now infamous case for war to the Security Council. Later discredited, Powell cites the event as a low point in his career.


Whitworth’s script tells of the lead up to Powell’s UN presentation, so there’ll be plenty of tension and dilemma to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.


As a biopic, the film gives Freeman a shot at a second Oscar, though I think he’s past the point of caring about accolades (Samuel L. Jackson, on the other hand). Hudling equally has a shot at a nomination, after proving his abilities with Marshall, and with Freeman playing Powell, the film certainly won’t lack buzz.


The two share very little resemblance to one another, but it’s Morgan Freeman so I doubt anyone will complain. Even with his distinctive voice, I think Freeman will head towards emanating Powell’s tendencies rather than providing an imitation – provide a needed narrative to Powell’s story rather than a caricature. Funnily enough, Hudlin actually bears a greater likeness to Powell than Freeman.


The news is exciting and it’ll be exciting to see which other statesmen and politicians will be portrayed on screen, and by whom. Stay tuned.



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