Morrissey Bids To Stop Barking Mad Dog-Breeding Facility | Music News



The former Smiths frontman has written to Home Secretary Theresa May in an attempt to prevent plans going forward for a beagle-breeding facility. The controversial breeding farm, based near Hull, will be used to test drugs for humans. Morrissey wrote: “This hellhole would churn out thousands of dogs a year, confine them to a sterile prison and then sell them to laboratories to be injected, infected and dissected. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of knowing a dog can tell you that they are friendly, loyal animals who should be sleeping in our beds, not dying for Botox and Viagra”.


The potency of his words hit home hard – could he be any more right? Morrissey has been an animal rights activist for some time now and there’s no doubt his voice holds grandeur in any debate. There’s no doubt we haven’t heard the last of this as he plays a gig in Hull tomorrow night (18th September) – he’s always great for a quote.



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