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Morrissey Hits Back At Critics | Music News


The former frontman of The Smiths has claimed that the heavy criticism towards his novel List of the Lost are, “an attack against me“. The recently released book came under fire with jibes at Morrissey‘s writing. It’s been branded, “a glorious mess,” and compared to, “an unedited first draft“. Full of ideas, but far too many to comprehend. “I strongly believe in freedom of expression, so the critics have to say what they should say. But often the criticism is a rejection of me as a human being,” Morrissey writes in an interview with a Chilean website.


The book is based around a cursed 1970’s relay race team who are in trouble after a member kills someone who is coincidentally a demon. To be fair, who else would have thought of that? He’s proved that he can write well though. His autobiography is a fantastic read if you’re a fan of him or The Smiths as it unearths a lot of background to many of the famous hits.


He’s got a point, though. Freedom of expression is very important and people should always be able to pursue what they love. Just because everyone else is saying it, doesn’t mean you won’t like it. All this aside, I love Morrissey, but perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to describe a character’s private parts as a “bulbous salutation“.



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