Morrissey Makes A Meal Out Of McDonald’s Buzzcocks Advert | Music News



Morrissey took to his semi-official fansite True To You on June 16 in order to criticise British Punks Buzzcocks for allowing McDonald’s to use their 1978 track “What Do I Get” in their UK advertisement.


The renowned vegetarian simultaneously slams Shelley and McDonald’s in a feisty comment, reading “Please, somebody, tell me it’s just a bad dream…Pete Shelley has allowed McDonald’s to use Buzzcock’s ‘What Do I Get?’ to TV advertise McDonald’s new Big Flavour (the flavour being sawdust) Chicken Wraps?!”


It’s no surprise that the man who penned “Meat Is Murder” is a bit wound up by this new arrangement. Considering the accompanying image of Queen Elizabeth’s face edited onto the body of the ad’s leading lady, perhaps he is equally appalled by the fact that punk is once again being exploited in the name of capitalism, and that such icons of the movement are willing to let that happen.


Morrissey summarises his distaste beautifully, concluding with a reference to the single’s B-side, “In the words of another Buzzcocks song: oh s**t…



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