‘Mrs Doubtfire’ Musical In The Works | Film News


The late Robin Williams was set to star in the Mrs Doubtfire sequel before his tragic passing last August, however, the family favourite movie is now being taken to the stage as a musical, thanks to composer Alan Menken. “I am writing now, a musical of Mrs Doubtfire“, Menken told EW Morning Live. “Harvey Fierstein is writing the book, David Zippel is writing the lyrics, I’m writing the music. and it’s going very well, it’s in its early stages, and that’s probably all I can say. We’re really enjoying working on it“.


The beloved story of Mrs Doubtfire entails a sudden divorce between Miranda and Daniel Millard (originally played by Sally Field and Robin Williams), which leaves husband Daniel in wrecks. He decides the only way to restore his marriage and family life is to disguise himself as an eldery woman, Mrs Doubtfire and gets hired as his children’s nanny. A movie sequel starring Williams was in the midst of planning when the actor’s death was announced.



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